Thursday, April 8, 2010

Legend Lore EX is now released!

Yes, Legend Lore EX is now released! So now you may all play it!

You may download it here:

Switching over to Windows Live SkyDrive because MediaFire deleted all of our uploaded files. We'll reupload them to SkyDrive and hope that they don't get deleted in a few months...

Currently, the four files mentioned here are unavailable. We shall reupload them soon.

You may also be interested to know that I, Thunderboom, have come up with an idea for a manga, since Kana said she would start doing them with her fancy new Tablet PC. It is called "Mzunguko" ("Cycle", from Swahili), and takes basis from mythology, ancient African culture (from which all humanity traces its lineage to), and a popular character set I came up with a long time ago involving a family named "Eleme".

I also learned that I tend to get a bit over-zealous with ideas of mine...writing up basic notes for it, which hardly went into any detail at all (mostly still in my head) filled a Word Document file with 1028 words (not that I'm done with notes, though)! Including spaces, that was 5992 characters in all! ^_^" Ahehe...maybe I should calm down before I write up a novel on the subject...

I would also like to take this time to announce a contest!
The first 4 people to level their party in Legend Lore EX to Lv.90 or above will receive special recognition for this feat! They will have their screenshots-of-proof posted on the blog here, and they will be respected by all! Please note that this contest only lasts until the end of July 2010. Also, as an added incentive, all players who submit screenshots of this feat by the deadline will recieve an NPC named after them in a future "Legend Lore" game!
To enter this contest, please email a screenshot of the in-game main menu displaying your party as all being at least Level 90 to Please note that most of us are experts at photo manipulation and can tell if an image has been modified or not.
1. All members of your party MUST be at least Level 90. You do not have to have 4 people in your party, though with all honesty, you will have a hard time of it with only one or two.
2. All manipulated screenshots will be disqualified.
3. Any screenshots with offensive character names will be disqualified. Just because you can be "funny" and have an offensive name for your character, doesn't mean that we have to post it publiclly.
4. Screenshots are allowed to be cropped, but they MUST show the edges of the game window. Crop it if you want to, but leave the border around the game, including where it says "Legend Lore EX" at the top.

In case you do not know how to take a screenshot, you press the "Print Screen" ("Prnt Scrn", sometimes) button on your keyboard, then "paste" it into an image-editing program such as Microsoft Paint. Then, save the file to your computer, naming it what you wish (for example, "Screenshot 001").

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