Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Legend Lore EX + Ketsueki Stories Update

It appears that we neglected to include the needed RTP engine to play RPG Maker XP games. For this, we are very regretful. Sorry! It shall not happen again (with luck).

Download the updated ZIP file for "Legend Lore EX" here:

Additionally, we have reuploaded several stories, including a brand-new one:

"Pocket Guide to Ketsueki no Sekai"
One of several "Pocket Guidebooks" put out by the fictional "Kaminari Corps", an omnipresent entity in the KAMINARI Verse. This Guidebook features information on Ketsuki, also known as "Ketsueki no Sekai", the setting of "Ketsueki no Iro wa...". Included are details of its denizens and its history (including mythology), among other points of interest.

"The Legend of Kamiko"
Somewhat spoiler-ish, one might say, but in truth it is a vital piece of backstory, detailing the true history of Kamiko, Tenko, Tanno, and Eki, the four super-powerful supernatural beings in "Ketsueki no Iro wa...". Included in this tale are the origins of how Tanno became a KAMINARI employee, the full story behind "Claire and the Lilies" (see the "Pocket Guidebook to Ketsueki no Sekai", under the Mythology section), and the details of the climactic battle that took place thousands of Ketsuki years previously.

"Ketsueki no Iro wa... - Prequel"
Another prequel to "Ketsueki no Iro", this one is centered on the Inoue siblings, explaining further on the backstory of the visual novel's Player Character. The events detailed here decribe the origins of Kyashi's delinquent attitude, as well as the animosity Rissa feels towards her brother.

"Ketsueki Otaku - Satsugai 1: Kogatana Otaku"
Chiyo/Chi, the "Kogatana Otaku", is a girl with a murderous alternate personality. Chiyo is obssessed with knives, and believes firmly that to kill someone you need not just anything, but a weapon that reflects the personality and being of the person being killed with it (so, even if she had dozens to choose from, she wouldn't use a weapon unless it was the perfect match for the murder). Chi, on the other hand, is cruel, ruthless, and enjoys inflicting massive psychological damage on her victims before killing them.

"The Short Days of Summer"
(NOTE: Not for the squeemish, or those who do not like blood, death, or the idea of 7-year-old murderers)
An original short horror story about a young girl who discovers a fun game to pass the time during one fateful summer.

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