Sunday, June 26, 2011


Good evening, KAMINARI fans! I am pleased to announce that KAMINARI Dojin Circle has returned and is back on track. However, it seems things are going sluggish as ever. We are sorry for this! We shall try to work on it in the future.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monthly WIP Status

Works-in-Progress Status (2011/06):

Current Projects:
"A Dream Called 'Love'" (Illustrated Narrative) - Story Boarding
"Ketsueki no Iro wa..." (Visual Novel) - In-Production
"The Shorts Days of Summer (2nd Edition)" (Illustrated Storybook) - Pre-Conceptualization

Projects On Hold:
"Bl∞d: A Vampire Story" (Illustrated Short Story Collection)
"KARI^2" (Light Novel)
"Legend Lore 2: Angelic Wrath" (RPG)
"Mzunguko" (Manga)
"Super♥Magical Girl K-tan!!" (Manga)

Completed Projects:
"Legend Lore EX: Light of Darkness" (RPG)
"The Shorts Days of Summer (1st Edition)" (Illustrated Storybook)