Friday, January 22, 2010


If you've been reading this site's news regularly, you'll notice the "Monthly Update" lists projects that are never heard of again. This is an unfortunate thing that happens a lot. We start doing something, then it just kind of falls apart or we go on to other things.

Please do not think that everything goes this way. We shall try, as best as we can, to finish "Ketsueki no Iro" and to release it on time. The same goes for a couple of other projects. We won't tell you one of them, but the other is the Light Novel "Kari^2" we've been working on.

Honestly, "Kari^2" is more like a cyberpunk action-oriented RPG video game in style, which, to put in Shocky's words, brings this to mind:
"You know, if we ever got decent 3D game creation software, to go along with our 2D stuff, we could make lots more games. First off, I say we make Kari Squared into a game!! *insert maniacal laughter*"

Well, that's just wishful thinking on her part, but it probably would make a seriously cool game, so, like so many other things, it's been put on the almost-mythical "List of Upcoming(?) Projects":

List of Upcoming(?) Projects (Which may or may not ever come to final fruition, though I for one would like them to, eventually)
Kari^2 - Light Novel
Kari^2 - 3D Action Video Game
Legend Lore 2- Fantasy RPG Trilogy (Actually, this one is about 1/3 done as of...2008, 2007? Been a LONG time since we worked on it...)
Legend Lore 3- Fantasy RPG Trilogy
Blood Infinity (Bl∞d) - Short Story Series (actually revised the story some and wrote out a really cool ending a while back...there's good hope for Kimi Mélana Tepes' story yet!
[Untitled Mecha Novel] - Novel (Started this a while back, and the beginning is really cool, the characters are interesting, and it keeps your interest....until it suddenly and without warning stops. For some REALLY unknown reason, we stopped writing it...)
Ketsueki Otaku (Satsugai Series) - Short Stories from Ketsuki (Wow...these might actually be the original, final-lasting fragments of what became "Ketsueki no Iro"...or did we write these after the idea...Regardless, they formed the basis for most of the plot for "Ketsueki no Iro" and several characters. [Hmm..we should finish these...]

Well, that was interesting.
We seem to have found a new thing to quickly revise and publish.
"Ketsueki Otaku", each story being labeled "Satsugai 1/2/3/etc.", is a smallish series of short stories about victims of Kamiko's lasting evil in Ketsuki, commonly refered to as the "Yan Virus" (from "Yangire", as an in-joke). Each Otaku, as they're refered to as a member of this group, are obsessed with a particular method of, or tool used for, killing. If I remember correctly, Inoue Rissa was actually going to be a member, though that never worked out well (she eventually evolved into a magical girl instead).

So without further ado, KAMINARI presents the first in the series of "Ketsueki Otaku", a sidestory detailing minor events referenced in "Ketsueki no Iro"

"Ketsueki Otaku - Satsugai 1: Kogatana Otaku"
Chiyo/Chi, the "Kogatana Otaku", is a girl with a murderous dissocociative personality. Chiyo is obssessed with knives, and believes firmly that to kill someone you need not just anything, but a weapon that reflects the personality and being of the person being killed with it (so, even if she had dozens to choose from, she wouldn't use a weapon unless it was the perfect match for the murder). Chi, on the other hand, is cruel, ruthless, and enjoys inflicting massive psychological damage on her victims before killing them.

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