Monday, February 1, 2010

Concepts & Misc. Illustrations

Though Kana is our lead artist, by nature of having the best art skills, Shockpulse has started posting some of her own art of KAMINARI works that have been, will be, are, or never will be, as well as art of our mascots, Kaminari-tan and Kuniyth (they show up from time to time in our work), on her DeviantArt account. She has also taken the time to list details on different projects or the process of making a game, story, or piece of art, so you should read her "Artist's Comments" below each one.

For a great example, check out the 4koma concept for Kari^2 during early drafts:
The Artist's Comments go in rather deep with explanations and details about the evolution of the project. A very interesting read, in fact.

Check it all out here:
(Remember, she's still actively posting, so check back every once in a while!)

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