Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hello, this is Assistant Editor Hanako here to bring you an update. For most of us, things have been quite hectic lately, so we haven't been able to get much done recently. This is especially true for my elder siblings, who are the ones that normally make these blog posts. However, rest assured that we shall be getting things straightened out soon.

Also note that production of "Ketsueki no Iro wa..." has been postponed for a few months until Summer Vacation begins and we are all able to work on it without interrupt. In the meantime, I'm thinkig of making a smll RPG with Shocky to placate you, our ever-so-hungry fans, with a new release. This is not set in stone, however, but with hope, you'll all be playing an RPG before long and you can stop asking us "when's the new release coming out?" for a while...

-Hanako, Assistant Editor, KAMINARI

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