Friday, August 21, 2009


It's that time again.
What time?
Why, time to retcon bunches of stuff, of course!

To catch you up on things:
In "Blood Infinity" (that's how it's pronounced, anyway), Kimi's parents were heartless creeps who abused her, so with the help of her siblings and a "Vampyr", she made sure they would "never bother her again". the cost of becomming a Vampire herself, along with her two siblings.

So, erm...kinda ignore that first preview of "Bl∞d", please!

On a related note, here's some interesting trivia on previous retcons:
"The Color of Blood" ("Ketsueki no Iro wa...") was originally titled "Rissa's Great Adventure", and had nothing to do with blood!
"Digimon Advanced", our old fanfic series, went through so many retcons we finally gave up on the series until we could come up with a coherent storyline!
Oh, by the way?
We have now.

Yes, that's right!
"Digimon Advanced: Reboot" is coming! Look for it soon!

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