Saturday, June 13, 2009


"Kimi woke up hungry, as usual. Needing to eat, she wandered outside to find some food.
"At first, she found nothing. However, she soon found a nice meal, a sleeping mother dog and her babies. She slowly, though eagerly, opened her mouth, revealing her long, sharp teeth, and pounced on her prey.
"Having drunk her fill of blood, the young vampire returned to the mansion, feeling a bit tired again. She could nap some more until her parents returned with more blood, as the small snack from earlier was hardly enough to satisfy her cravings..."

"Bl∞d - A Vampire Story" (that's an infinity symbol, by the way), is a story about a young vampire named Kimi, centering on her daily (er, nightly) life and adventures, along with her several supernatural (and not) friends.

Though it might not be apparent from the snippet above, this series actually takes a much lighter turn than most KAMINARI works, and especially among the ones that include some form of "blood" in their titles (of which, there are quite a few). In contrast with Ketsueki no Iro's seriousness, drama, and life-threatening situations, "Bl∞d" features comedy and fun, with only the occasionally serious bit.

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