Monday, July 12, 2010

Legend Lore EX Update

Gah, I'm sorry! I, Shockpulse, finally played through the game only to discover I screwed up! I'm sorry!!

Here is the new version of Legend Lore EX, with a final, completed ending:

On the old versions, if you completed the game, talking to Aramil would send you to his special place, and get rid of your walking sprite! I'm sorry! This place was supposed to be a secret place where, after you completed the game, statues of main characters and villains would appear, and pressing the "A" button near them would tell you facts and trivia about the character. However, I eliminated this from the final design plan, and Aramil would just take you to the credits, but I seem to have forgotten about him! I'm Sorry!! Please forgive me!

I also found that the Password Messenger NPC in Fylan Village used the preliminary prototype name for Legend Lore "Zero", a prequel of sorts that will explain how the land of Asgorath came to be. In future games, we hope to expand upon this mythology and legend, showing more and more of Asgorath each time, until the end of the series.

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