Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ketsueki no Iro wa... Character Profiles Vol.2

Sheesh. Sorry about the lack of updates recently, things have been hectic lately. So, for the first time since September, though it promised to be weekly (I'm sorry!) here we present the second set of Character profiles for "Ketsueki no Iro wa..." or, "The Color of Blood":
The Trio of Troublemakers, the Cultists of Kamiko!
Melissa (surname unknown)
Melissa is the leader of the group of Private High School students (yes, the official name is "私立の高等学校", or "Shiritsu no Kōtōgakkō", translated literally to "Private High School". It's somewhat of an in-joke). She has blue hair, long twintails, and rarely, if ever, opens her eyes. She also likes holding her hands up like that. While it is a proven fact that the "Yan Virus"* affects everyone on the Ketsueki planet**, it seems to affect some more than others. One such person would be Melissa, who came to Japan from England years ago with her family (whom she has since killed), and she fell under the influence of Lady Kamiko, a demon that once ruled the planet before being sealed away by Tanno, an interdimensional magical girl, and Tenko, an angel. Now, thousands of years later, Kamiko has gathered a few loyal followers in the form of Melissa and her friends...
Kokawa Alice
Alice actually only has one eye, and her left is merely an empty socket. Despite this, she fits so many moe traits, you wouldn't ever believe she was torturous. (Glasses, zettai ryouiki, quiet, intelligent, pettan [could be said about everyone, though], yuri...)

Abe Chika
Chika...well, there's not really much to say about Chika.

* The name of an inherent trait somewhat similar to the virus in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, but making people murderous, rather than delirious. It can activate at any time, and over time, many people have either become immune to its effects, or the virus never activates.
** Officially named "Ketseuki-no-Sekai" by the Raiden Elders, and called "Ketsuki" by the inhabitants. It is an unusual, alternate Earth with three moons, each different (One is red-colored from its own poisonous atmosphere, one is shaded in eternal darkness from its odd angle with the sun, and the last is a shattered belt of debris that forms a ring around the planet).

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