Friday, January 28, 2011

Monthly WIP Status

We are sorry to inform you that for the next few months, we may be unable to complete anything, due to hectic schedules with urgent matters, which force us to continue work at a highly-decreased pace. However, as an apology, I shall attempt to update this blog every week with a page from the first draft of "A Dream Called 'Love'", complete with sketchings of the final illustrations.


Works-in-Progress Status (2011/02):

Current Projects:
"A Dream Called 'Love'" (Illustrated Narrative) - In-Production
"Ketsueki no Iro wa..." (Visual Novel) - In-Production

Projects On Hold:
"Bl∞d: A Vampire Story" (Illustrated Short Story Collection)
"KARI^2" (Light Novel)
"Legend Lore 2: Angelic Wrath" (RPG)
"Mzunguko" (Manga)
"Super♥Magical Girl K-tan!!" (Manga)

Completed Projects:
"Legend Lore EX: Light of Darkness" (RPG)
"The Shorts Days of Summer" (Illustrated Storybook)

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