Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to KAMINARI, good traveler!

Welcome! We are KAMINARI, a Dojin Circle centered mainly on games, though we do delve into other things from time to time, including manga, music, short stories, and art.

Our full current memberlist includes:
Thunderboom - Editor-in-Chief, Head Author
Shockpulse - Lead Programmer
Kana - Art, Programming
Hanako - Editor, Spellchecker
Suiko - Dialogue Writer
Aya - Action Sequence Coordinator, RPG Combat Balancer

I, Thunderboom, am the one that will writing this blog for the most part, so that you, our loyal readers, have the opprotunity you deserve to stay up-to-date on all of our projects.

So, without more delay, I hereby welcome all of you to consider yourselves official members of KAMINARI, and to simply enjoy our work!
But no, you will not actually get the opprotunity to make one of our Dojin, sorry. Instead, you fit more along the lines of this job describtion:

YOU! - Trusted Reader

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